I like to write things from time to time, as much to exercise my writing ability as to actually communicate ideas.  I have, however, seldom entertained the idea of a website or blog for two reasons.  One, I get intimidated by the idea of constantly updating a news source with new and clever ideas, because (two) I don’t generally think my ideas and thoughts are that good.  Consequently, I have never used a blog or journal for very long without fidgeting myself out of it.

But no more.  Spurred along by a few friends currently blogging, I am beginning to find myself thinking, I have meaningful things to say! If only there was some medium… and so here we are.  Most likely I will soon be proven wrong on this account, but only time will tell.

For more, please view About, but in a sentence:  This blog’s purpose is to provide a medium by which I can communicate my thoughts on science, religion, the intersection between the two, music, pop culture, and more personal reflections.  Hopefully I’ll get a second post written in the near future (some might say this is the hardest step).

‘Til the future,