I am as of this writing installed in my new dorm room and getting fully moved in before taking off on a four-day backpacking excursion near King’s Canyon which marks the beginning of RA training here at Westmont.  In lieu of actual content, here is a comic strip I drew on a napkin at Coffee Cat.  It is, like most things I say and do, at least 12% truthful in its depiction of real life.  Click to view full size.

There are certain assumptions one is allowed to make when dealing with college-aged boys living on their own.  One is that patchy facial hair is usually going to be the order of the day.  Another is that cooking is optional.  Given the opportunity, many men will tend to eat out as often as they actually commit to planning, executing, and cleaning up after a home-cooked meal.  It just isn’t efficient.  Such was the case when I stayed with my friend Barret for a few days following my return to Santa Barbara but before I was allowed to move into the dorms.  Barret has just rented, along with an obscene number of other guys, a house near the school.  He himself had only just arrived at the house by the time I got there, and had not had time nor incentive to purchase a bulk of food supplies, especially since the remainder of housemates weren’t due for close to a week.

The solution?  We ate out.  We ended up having Vons pizza sticks for lunch one day, Little Caesar’s pizza for dinner that night, and leftover pizza for dinner the next morning.  Desiring something along the lines of actual breakfast food, we went downtown to Coffee Cat where I saw and earnestly contemplated getting a pizza bagel.  Barret and I laughed at the prospect and this comic strip was born.

Updates might be scarce for a while as RA training kicks in to heavy gear; at any rate I will certainly not be posting during our trip, as wi-fi is apparently somewhat sketchy in the Sequoias.