(cf. Epic Fail)

Part two of “Comics I Drew On A Napkin” continues with an acknowledgement that I have denied this blog its primary reason for existence by failing to write things here.  I have currently two unfinished drafts which maybe I’ll finish today, but akin to the time traveller who realizes there is no electricity in the Stone Age, I have started to believe that time is somehow against me.  I am actually on day three of a four-day weekend right now, and after having a party with some friends and driving down to Riverside for the day to visit a friend already, here I am.  You can see where my priorities lie.

The problem with time is that it is finite, and the recognition of this fact produces in us (me, at least) a sort of hurried nervousness as I feel like I have a large, though still finite, number of tasks to accomplish.  The more important tasks get higher priority while the things I deem less important are relegated to the back burner of the stovetop of time (this could be the setting for a modern-day Zelda adventure).  Once I’ve finished that Math Phys. problem set or had X number of meaningful conversations with residents or planned Y number of events requiring Z number of fliers, then I will have time to do other important-but-less-so-than-physics things, such as write a blog.

The problem is of course that by the time I’ve completed the Zth flier, I no longer want to or usually even have the presence of mind to write a thoughtful essay on The Philosophy of Physical Science (which I finally found a copy of).  Not that I feel defeated or a failure for not being able to write all the time, but it’s somewhat sobering to think that there is a section of my task list that may never be accomplished.  Ah, well.  Nothing to do but perfect that time machine, I suppose.  Just need to remember to give it a battery pack.