Well, finals are finally finished.  Today consisted of cleaning up residents’ messes (apparently a minority of people know how to read “remove all personal belongings from public areas”, so Armington repossessed quite a few things today) and driving back to Fresno, where I am now seated in front of a clunky old Dell PC typing this brief update.

As might be expected, post-fire Westmont is radically different from pre-fire Westmont, and the last bit of the semester was exceptionally challenging on many levels.  I might get into that here at some later point, but this post’s purpose is to put it in writing that this Christmas break I intend to to the following things..

  • Finish reading The Count of Monte Cristo.  Seriously, it’s been like three years.  Finish it already.
  • Do a bit of reworking of the piece that I wrote in composition lessons this semester, and maybe post an mp3 here.
  • Play Rock Band 2
  • Read at least the first chapter of The Philosophy of Physical Science, now that I finally have time, and write an essay about it.

Looking at all the posts I have written since school began, you would never guess that this blog’s original purpose was to dissect and discuss science and philosophy, so I am going to attempt to reinvest a bit toward that end with this book.  Also hopefully I’ll get back into the habit of writing regularly over this break.