Filler: Lately I’ve been waffling between a desire to write something here and crippling fear (read: minor discomfort) over whether I even have anything worth writing.  The result has been quite a few creative titles to non-essays that may or may not ever see the light of day.  I’ve taken the liberty of posting some ideas below as a sort of outline to some things I’d like to post here, given an infinite amount of time.  Feel free to comment on which you’d like to see next, given no information whatsoever besides titles.

Hymns Contain Promises

Bosons are Extroverts

“The Soul That Sins Shall Die”

Green: Can a Color Be “The Best”? [in three parts]

Christianity and “The Issues”

Humor is Relative: Critiquing Big Bang Theory

My Charismatic Experience: Christian Fortune Tellers

In Defense of Administration

Dogs on the Beach, or Why I Am a Cat Person

One or more of these is already underway, but I don’t always post things in the order in which they are written.  Something will be posted soon though, hopefully.