I’ve been thinking lately about the visual effectiveness of this blog in conveying ideas that are contained primarily in the form of large blocks of text.  Sometimes it is hard for me to read through my own posts, and while I am aware that this is almost certainly my own fault for being excessively wordy, I also wonder whether there is some component to it that is dependent upon sans-serif fonts and blue hyperlinks instead of grey, etc.

Consequently, I have changed the theme to one that is at least a little easier on my eyes, does a bit better to separate block quotes and links from normal text, and in general makes me feel as though I am being very efficient and benevolent to my non-existent readership.

Non-existent readership:  Please let me know your thoughts on this visual shift — if the text is easier to read now, if the layout is more intuitive, and so on.  Our primary concern is to make it easy for you, the reader, to waste time on somebody else’s mundane thoughts, including my newest post on the color green.