Westmont College’s Spring Sing is tomorrow, and I will be attending.  Not performing, mind you – for the first time since I’ve known about it, my involvement in Spring Sing will be purely passive.  The conversation I’ve had with numerous Westmonters this week has generally involved me expressing my enthusiasm to arrive at the show, watch the show, and then leave.  I’m excited to not have to get there three hours early in costume, scream my voice out, and then stay afterward and clean up.  As tired-old-codger as this sounds, I’m excited to not be a part of it this year.

But I’m way more excited by the enthusiasm of those who are participating.  I’m writing this post for two reasons.  One: yes, I will be writing a “Wildies” this year.  My friend Lindsey is once again out of town for Spring Sing so I decided to do her the favor of recapping it from my superior vantage point in the audience.  But the second reason – the more important reason – is that I wanted to give anyone on the inside of Spring Sing this year who reads this a quick glimpse of why I’m so excited to see you perform tomorrow.

My favorite part of Spring Sing has always been crafting something visually and theatrically impressive as a large group of group-oriented individuals.  Having conversations with friends in various residence halls about how Van Kampen Women are going to take it this year, or how Armington Men are especially proud of being able to work a particular joke in, or seeing a guy get into a car dressed as a leprechaun like it ain’t no thing; these things make me absolutely thrilled to see what these students have come up with this year.  The creativity, ingenuity, and dedication necessary to make these tiny skits possible is absolutely impressive, and I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Attention Westmont: your excitement is infectious, your audience is eager, and the show is about to go on.  And yes, I know I sound like your grandmother.  I’m not trying to be sappy, I just love this event.  Now give us the Whole Nine Yards.