I want to be a better writer.  Honestly, I do.  I have dreams of filling this blog with Important Things every day, droves of tube-dwellers weighing in on my every thought.  All my exceedingly meaningful thoughts disseminated throughout the Intertron for every man, woman, and child.  I even occasionally act on this desire, attempting to change my writing style here and there, using fewer long sentences in an attempt to not drive normal people away, shortening paragraphs for online viewing, writing about things that others can relate to.

And let’s not forget, I’m already a decent writer (knock on wood).  I know the basics about syntax, narrative, etc.  I should have this down.

So why can’t I finish half the essays I start?

That cosmology essay I mentioned last time?  I hate it now.  60% done and the Worst Thing I’ve Ever Written (except for one phrase: “all-blanketing background evidencing the nascent imprint of one’s intellectual universe”).  I have a half-finished essay on being an introvert (something about not equating introversion with meekness), a half-finished essay on dungeons and dragons (somebody please play with me), all sorts of things that I thought were really going to be great when I started them.

I gather that one of the “secrets” of “writing” a “successful” “blog” is to involve your readers as much as possible.  So here I am, 3.5 readers: educate me.  What constitutes good writing?  How do you finish something you start when it comes to writing?  How do you know if something’s worth finishing in the first place?  When is it time to throw in the towel on something that just won’t work out?

If I can get this writing thing under control, maybe I can slowly work my way toward getting those Important Things out there one essay at a time.  Now if only I had some Important Things to say… I guess that’s another essay.