I know it’s been pretty weighty around here lately.  Lots of raw emotion and yearning for hope and talking about lying my way to Jesus and so on.  Those things are all true representations of what’s going on in my life, but they don’t tell the whole story.  There’s been a lot of laughter lately as well, and I wanted to share some of that with you via High School Poetry. In case you weren’t around for the first round of this endeavor, you can check out the preliminary offerings here (I), here (II), and here (III).  Read on for more!

While visiting my family for Thanksgiving, I came upon another sampling of my high school poetry.   All of these writs were done for a creative writing class that I took with some friends my senior year, with the premise of most assignments being how far could we bend the poem to our satirical purposes.  You can certainly check the other posts for a more thorough description.  The plan is to post two poems each on Monday (today) and Wednesday, and something SUPER NON-POETRY CREATIVE on Friday.

An offering on mathematics and a poem whose origins and meaning I have long since forgotten, making the other math poem I wrote seem a bit more poignant.

Ode To Calculus

I deign to derive
I enjoy integration
Each time I do Calc
I get such a sensation

I love vectors and series
And ellipsoidal graphs
When I relate the rates
I just start to laugh

Infinite limits always
Make me feel free
And there’s just no denying
The power of e

They say that the stomach
Leads to a man’s heart.
But the key to me love is
Integration by parts.


Bland. Flat. Tepid.
Is this all there is?
No more, please no more.
I tried, really I did.
Why am I devoid?
Now I have nothing.

Or do I?

A new perspective, a new idea.
This, this is beautiful!
Complex infrastructures, displayed for all.
The process of maturation,
Of living, of thriving!
Shape me, mold me to your desires.
I am the marble, I will be beautiful.
I will be beautiful!
And you will recognize my beauty.
For I am beautiful.