On the day before Christmas,  let’s take just a moment to bring to light to a subject that has oft directed Christians into one of two camps.  Especially at this holiday season, I think it’s important to discuss this divisive issue.  No, not Protestant or Catholic.  Not Christmas or Easter.  Not “Christmas” or “Xmas” (but seriously, stop making such a big deal out of it).  No, the issue is much deeper than that.

Do you speed when you drive home for the holidays, or do you stay the limit?

One camp is adamant:  Render unto Caesar.  Christians are a good witness when they obey the laws of their country.  Breaking the speed limit is breaking the law, and woe unto him who betrays the traffic cops; it would be better for him if he had not been born!

The other camp is more laid back:  Everything is permissible. If you’re not putting anyone in danger with your driving, who cares if you’re going 65 or 85?  And aren’t those signs more like guidelines anyway?  They’re so arbitrarily decided, who can know?

How can we Christians come together on this issue?  If it’s safer to drive above the speed limit, are we allowed to do that?  Is the gospel in trouble if we drive at 66 mph?  Which camp are you in?

And of course, whether you find yourself exasperated by the slow drivers or endangered by the fast ones, have a merry Christmas.